Server Space & Web Hosting

In order for your website to be accessible to everyone on the internet you need to publish it to the web server of a host provider. Such a web server accepting the file transfer of your website is called a FTP server and requires an account for your web space.
There are 3 main types of host providers you may use :
1.The web space coming with your internet connection : many ISP (Internet Service Providers) offer a web space to their customers where you can publish your website. Generally limited in size this may suit your needs. You may need to contact your ISP to determine if you have a web space and to get the login and password of your account.
2.A free web space : many websites on the internet provide free web space. But if this service is free, in general they add some popup windows or ads to your website, so you’d better read their conditions before to create any account and publish your website on such web space if you don’t want to loose time and be disappointed by the result.
3.Professional host providers : more reliable than the other web space, they are not not free but provides many services depending on your needs.
Soma Cyber Solution & Technologies provides a list of host providers. If yours is not available in the default list you will need to enter the FTP address of your host provider. And if you encounter any issue contact your host provider .

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